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Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Neenah is a well-known restaurant in Neenah, WI with four floors of dining. The restaurant has a large variety of food to choose from, including a wide selection of seafood. The atmosphere is modern and elegant, with wood floors and dark walls. The staff is attentive and polite, and the prices are reasonable.

1.14 miles away

Downtown Neenah Wi

Neenah is a small city located in south-central Wisconsin and is home to the beautiful downtown park. The downtown park is a great place to spend a summer day and features a playground, a pool, and several walking trails. The park also has a farmers market that takes place on Saturdays from May to September.

1.96 miles away

Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex

The Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex is a haunted house located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The complex includes three haunted houses The Tomb, the Crypt, and the Bone Room.

The Tomb is the smallest of the three haunted houses and features scenes from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. The Crypt features scenes from medieval times, including a scene in which a skeleton hangs from a tree. The Bone Room features scenes from horror movies, including a scene in which a chainsaw-wielding killer emerges from a coffin.

2.39 miles away

Building For Kids

There are a few things you need to know when building for kids in Neenah. First, be sure to account for the height and weight of your child and make sure the furniture is sturdy enough. Second, think about how you want your child to interact with the space. Is it a playroom where they can run around and have fun, or are they more into sitting down and reading a book? Third, keep in mind what your budget is. Do you want to buy everything new or do you want to use some of the furniture you already have? Fourth, be creative! You can find all sorts of unique kids' furniture at stores like Target or Walmart.

7.81 miles away

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